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Will OraSoothe promote microbial growth in the mouth?

No. OraSoothe passes the USP preservative challenge test. In addition, it has been tested against other microbes in the mouth that are involved in development of dental decay, periodontal disease, strep throat, denture stomatitis, and other conditions, and inhibits their growth.

How often may OraSoothe be used?

OraSoothe may be used as often as needed for unlimited applications.

Is OraSoothe safe for children?

Yes. OraSoothe is safe for all ages regardless of health status or medical regimen. It is safe when swallowed.

I see that OraSoothe is called an oral rinse. What is this? A mouthwash?

No. Mouthwashes are often flavorful antiseptic liquids in attractive colors that freshen your breath. Many are labeled not to be swallowed. Their label also does not make claims about providing pain relief or promoting healing. Many contain alcohol. They are generally considered to be cosmetic. OraSoothe is an oral rinse. It is noticeably thicker than mouthwash and is designed to coat the mouth. OraSoothe contains all-natural ingredients and is designed to be swallowed if desired. OraSoothe gives fast pain relief to oral tissues. OraSoothe is shown to inhibit microbial contamination. OraSoothe optimizes the wound healing environment.

What ingredients are in OraSoothe?

OraSoothe contains mannose polysaccharides from Aloe vera, xylitol and a tiny amount of essential oils of cinnamon, thyme, wintergreen and clove.

Does OraSoothe effect healing?

Yes. OraSoothe is gentle to tissues, helps reduce pain, prevents contamination and provides mannans to the wound site. All these help to optimize the healing process.

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